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The Subcommittee on Plant Health Diagnostics (SPHD) is pleased to announce applications for National Diagnostic Protocols (NDP) projects are now open.

SPHD are currently seeking expressions of interest from plant biosecurity diagnosticians or research scientists to undertake two types of projects:

1. Review and update of the following endorsed NDPs (5-yearly review):

Tilletia indica (Karnal bunt) – NDP19
Phytophthora ramorum (sudden oak death) – NDP5
Phakopsora euvitis (grapevine leaf rust) – NDP29

2. Completion of the draft protocol for Raffaelea lauricola (laurel wilt) and its beetle vector Xyleborus glabratus.

Applicant guidelines and additional details on the project specifications can be accessed on the NPBDN Portal.

Reference standards which outline instructions to authors and review processes can be accessed on the NPBDN Portal.

All NPBDN members are invited to submit an application.

Applications close at 5 pm AEST on the 9 August 2021. Please submit the Application Form to the NDP Coordinator at

Please contact the NDP Coordinator if you would like further information.