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Welcome to the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network

25 May 2023

Diagnostics Residentials at ADSW 2023

25 May 2023

Call for IPPC Diagnostic Protocol authors – Due 14 June

25 May 2023

ADSW 2023: Implementation through connections

Helping Australian plant diagnosticians succeed together

The National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostics Network (NPBDN) helps Australian plant diagnosticians succeed together by working collaboratively to navigate the biosecurity challenges associated with a wide array of plant hosts, limited resources and increased risk from international trade and travel.

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1Professional development and career opportunities

Free access to residential programs, webinars, workshops, training and laboratory proficiency testing.

2Facilitate connections and collaboration

Attend key events such as the Annual Diagnostic and Surveillance Workshop (ADSW) and Annual Diagnostic Workshop (ADW).

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Receive direct access to the latest member-only information and resources available on the NPBDN member portal.

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Keeping an eye on pests and how to report a suspect pest

Any unusual plant pest, disease or weed should be reported.

Reporting hotlines operate in both Australia and New Zealand (numbers shown below).

Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881
New Zealand Pest and Disease Hotline 1800 084 881

Pests can also be reported using apps, such as MyPestGuide® for Australia, that allow you to submit a photo of the pest or symptoms.

Every report is taken seriously and handled confidentially. Management of calls varies in different areas, but to the same end.



Join the network

1Professional development and career opportunities

2Facilitate connections and collaboration

3Access to information and resources

4Bi-monthly industry updates