Career pathways

There are a number of different and exciting pathways in a plant biosecurity career.

  • Plant pathologist
  • Principal scientist
  • On-field scientist
  • Programme manager
  • Entomologist
  • Virologists

Open positions

Sugar Research Australia is offering a PhD scholarship to work on a project to advance techniques for diagnosis of yellow canopy syndrome (YCS). The project is in collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland and the University of Melbourne and will focus on in-field epidemiology and dynamics, development of a molecular diagnostic techniques and rapid-in-field diagnostics for the causal agent and/or symptom expression of YCS. Applicants should have an interest in molecular biology, remote sensing or applied entomology. This project is based in Cairns, Queensland.

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Join our network

Everyone working in plant biosecurity diagnostics in Australian or New Zealand is encouraged to join NPBDN. Relevant disciplines include bacteriologists, botanists, entomologists, general plant pathologists, molecular biologists, mycologists, nematologists, phytoplasmologists, virologists and weed scientists.

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