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Nanopore sequencing for biosecurity workshop, 28 – 30th November 2022


8:00AM, Nov 28th, 2022


5:00PM, Nov 30th, 2022


Nanopore sequencing has opened up the potential of novel biosecurity applications in every laboratory due to its portability, small foot print, and minimal capital investment required.

Nanopore sequencing can be used to reconstruct full genomes, detect pathogens in complex samples, and to trace pathogen evolution in real time as highlighted by the tremendous work on Sars-Cov2 during the pandemic.

Yet to fully exploit Nanopore sequencing’s potential and to modernise Australian biosecurity we need to build capacity and proficiency for end-users with hands-on workshops in sequencing and data analysis.

This biosecurity focused workshop aims to contribute to capacity building and establish a community of practice of Nanopore sequencing focusing on biosecurity and eDNA.

We will share our collective knowledge on applied Nanopore long-read sequencing that we have accumulated since 2016 and encourage others to do the same. See our 2019 Long-read, long-reach sequencing workshop.

This full three-day intensive community workshop is tailored to raise the boat together by providing:

  • Insight into the latest updates on Nanopore sequencing technology;
  • World-class introduction to sample preparation with either a focus on amplicon (e.g. metabarcodes) or whole sample (e.g. genome) sequencing;
  • Hands-on training for Nanopore sequencing;
  • Run QC;
  • Introduction into downstream bioinformatic sequencing analysis; and
  • Q&A panel discussion on how to apply Nanopore sequencing to biosecurity issues.

In the spirit of community building, all talks will be live-streamed and recorded. All protocols will be deposited on This way, this workshop will contribute to lasting resource for everyone to build on each other’s work.

Estimated cost will be ~$800 with need-based support available.

For further information – please contact

Benjamin Schwessinger