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Hort Innovation is seeking proposals from suitably qualified and experienced service providers to conduct the project Diagnosis and management of dieback in persimmon trees (PR21000) (Shared from Hort Innovation).

It is expected that the service provider will appoint a suitably qualified PHD student to conduct the project.
The objectives of the services being sought are to:

  • Conduct a disease survey of symptoms associated with dieback of persimmon trees across various tree ages including, but not limited to: trunk, branch and twig disease in major persimmon producing areas in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA.
  • Perform pathogenicity testing to understand the aetiology and epidemiology of persimmon dieback disease.
  • Undertake trials to identify and inform improved disease management practices for controlling dieback disease of persimmon trees including: cultural, biological and chemical management options.
  • Collaborate with existing and past projects and networks to communicate and extend new knowledge from the project that will benefit the persimmon industry.

For information go to the Hort Innovation website.