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Expressions of interest are open for the Ant Diagnostics Workshop


When: Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November 2018

Where: Biosciences Lab UQ St Lucia Brisbane

How many: 18 participants

Facilitators: Dr Ben Hoffmann with assistance from Antonette Walford and Kate Sparkes

The Ant Diagnostics Workshop will run over five days with a focus on the identification of exotic, invasive ants as well as differentiation between common local species and invasive exotics. The workshop will begin with one day of field collection, including collecting and observing red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants in the field. Following field collection, participants will spend the rest of the course in the lab learning how to accurately identify ants, with particular focus on exotic ants of biosecurity concern (ie Nylanderia fulva). There will also be a brief overview of correct curation techniques. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own unknown ant specimens for identification during the course.

The first two days of laboratory work (Tuesday and Wednesday) will focus on higher level triage identification to family and genus level as well as recognition of frequently intercepted species which is aimed at surveillance and field workers. The last two days will be more in depth species level identification aimed at entomologists.

Please send your expression of interest to the SPHD Secretariat ( by COB 10 September 2018. The expression of interest should include a short (~200 word) justification for your attendance at the workshop.