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The Subcommittee on Plant Health Diagnostics (SPHD) is pleased to announce applications for the Diagnostic Residential Program and National Diagnostic Protocol Development are now open.

Funding is available for Diagnostic Residentials and for Diagnostic Protocol projectsthat show benefit to the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network (NPBDN) and national plant biosecurity diagnostics.

This is an open round of funding, with all applications considered. Applicants may choose to target a known national gap in diagnostics (such as diagnostics relating to a National Priority Plant Pest), but this is not a requirement. Applicants may choose to apply for funding in both areas or just one. Your choice will not impact the probability of receiving funding.

Applications close 5 pm AEST 2 October 2019.

Full details of funding requirements and applications are only available to National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostician’s Network (NPBDN) members. To access details, log into the Portal and go to ‘Development Events’ tab in the menu.

To become a member of NPBDN, fill in the NPBDN application form.