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All protocols are peer reviewed and verified in a laboratory prior to endorsement as an NDP.  NDPs are then reviewed every 5 years for currency and accuracy.  Details of the process can be found in Reference Standard 3. All NDPs now have a citable ISBN number. Authors and reviewers are included.

NDPs now include a section in the Appendix on diagnostics for surveillance (“Section 9”).  New protocols will preferably have this included when they are developed. All current NDPs, and those in final stages of development need this section to be included.

To develop a new protocol, or section 9 of a current protocol, the format outlined in Reference Standard 2 must be followed.

Limited funding is available to undertake reviews and develop protocols, funded by DAWR through SARDI. For more information contact Barbara Hall (  Priority will be given to protocols for pests on the National Priority Plant Pest list, followed by those on industry high priority pests lists (see “cat” column in tables). Other EPPs will be considered depending on funding.

If you wish to complete a review or develop a protocol, please contact the SPHD Secretariat ( with details by COB 9 June 2017. As an author or reviewer, you should have recognised subject matter expertise. Combining a review or protocol development with a laboratory residential or industry-funded research is encouraged. Protocols can be developed for singles pests or groups of pests.

NDPs for review – desk top review of currency and accuracy only.
Scientific Name  Common Name Status
Potato mop top virus (Pomovirus) Potato Mop-Top Virus NDP 15
Candidatus liberobacter Zebra Chip NDP 18, NP 11
Tilletia indica Karnal bunt NDP 19, NP 4
Protocols for review and/or verification
Scientific Name  Common Name  Review/verification required Cat
Agrilus planipennis Emerald Ash Borer review N
Cotton leafroll dwarf virus Cotton leafroll dwarf virus review & verification N
Citripestis eutraphera Mango fruit borer review & verification N
Citripestis sagittiferella Citrus fruit borer review & verification Y
Daktulosphaira vitifoli Grape Phylloxera review & verification 3
Deanolis sublimbalis Red-banded mango caterpillar review & verification Y
Hyalesthes obsoletus Cixiidae planthopper review & verification Y
Lissorhoptrus oryzzophilus Rice water weevil review 3
Lobesia botrana Grape berry moth review & verification Y
Red clover vein mosaic virus Red clover vein mosaic virus verification only of PCR Y
Sitobian avenae English Grain aphid review & verification Y
Sternochetus frigidus Mango pulp weevil review only 3
Protocols that need work
Scientific Name  Common Name  Cat Comments
Pomacea canaliculata Golden Apple snail 2, NP 25 Review completed, need more work
Maize dwarf virus Maize dwarf virus Y New procedures required due to updated science
Puccinia psidii Guava (Eucalyptus) rust 1, NP 15 Needs protocol revised with current knowledge
Synchytrium endobioticum Potato wart NDP 16 V2 Molecular protocol to be added
Tilletia horrida (nee barclayana) Kernel smut of rice 3 Review completed, needs more work
Wheat spindle streak mosaic bymovirus Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus 4 Needs more work due to updated science
NDPs for Section 9 (Other NDPs not on the NPPP list will be considered if funding is available)
Scientific Name  Common Name NDP NPPP  Comments
Xylella fastidiosa Pierce’s disease NDP 6 1
Homalodsica vitripennis Glassy winged sharpshooter NDP 23 1
Tilletia indica Karnal bunt NDP 19 4 Due for 5 year review
Lymantria dispar Asian Gypsy moth 6 Draft post review
Bactericera cockerelli Tomato potato psyllid NDP 20 11 Due for 5 year review
Candidatus Liberobacter Zebra chip NDP 18 11 Due for 5 year review
Mayetiola destructor Hessian fly 22 Draft – also for review of PCR
Phtophthora ramorum Sudden oak death NDP 5 16
Liriomyza trifolii American serpentine leaf miner NDP 27 20
Plum pox virus Sharka NDP 2 28
Chilo spp. 7/8 spp. of borers 34 Draft of 7/8 species on list post review
Neonectria ditissima European canker NDP 21 41
Ophiostoma novo-ulmi Dutch elm disease NDP 37 42

Cat = categorisation for HPP under the deed.  Y = on HPP list, N= EPP but not on HPP list.  NP# is number of NPPP list.