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The hybrid Annual Diagnostics Workshop 2024 (ADW 2024) took place at the Twin Towns Conference and Events Centre at Tweed Heads, NSW from 19 – 20 March 2024, addressing the theme ‘The challenges of unculturables and their vectors’.

Through presentation sessions, a panel discussion, and workshops, the program brought diagnosticians and members of the NPBDN network together to share their knowledge and learnings, and facilitate connections and collaborations. The second day of ADW 2024 overlapped with the Annual Surveillance Workshop (ASW) 2024, allowing both NPBDN and Plant Surveillance Network Australasia-Pacific (PSNAP) members to meet and network between sessions.

Highlights of ADW 2024 included:

  • 31 presentations, including three presentations delivered by invited guests Andrew Turley from CSIRO who spoke about a national approach to biological collections; Andrew Geering from the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation who presented a review of Begomoviruses and whiteflies in the Top 42; Cait Selleck from Agriculture Victoria who spoke about froghoppers and potential vectors of Xylella fastidiosa
  • a panel session delivered by Francesco Martoni, Reannon Smith and Elizabeth Fowler on non-destructive nucleic acid extraction methods
  • seven presentations from our successful 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 NPBDN residential awardees
  • three shoulder workshops: the fundamentals of the Australian Plant Pest Database (APPD); National Diagnostic Protocols (NDP) development and review; and Rapid molecular assays to detect Honey bee mites
  • 70 in-person delegates attended the event from all Australian states and territories, New Zealand and Florida in the United States
  • 82 delegates attended virtually
  • a social networking event was held at the conclusion of Day 1.

ADW 2024 was delivered by Plant Health Australia (PHA) with content and structure lead by the Network Implementation Working Group (NIWG) and funded by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) as a part of the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostics and Surveillance Professional Development and Protocols projects.

Workshop materials are available to NPBDN members. Click here to join.

Photo gallery

Andrew Turley (CSIRO)

Craig Webster (DPIRD WA)

Juliane Henderson (QDAF)

Kathy Crew (QDAF)

Lilia Carvalhais (University of Queensland)

Nga Tran (University of Queensland)

Rebecca Roach (QDAF)

Lucy Tran-Nguyen (Plant Health Australia)

Matthew Power (DPIRD WA)

Natasha Brohier (AgVic)

Reannon Smith (AgVic)

Thomas Farrall (University of Sunshine Coast)

Anna Genge (DAFF)

ADW 2024 attendees

ADW 2024 attendees

View from the workshop venue

NIWG members

ADW 2024 workshop in progress

Panel members Francesco Martoni (AgVic), Reannon Smith (AgVic) and Elizabeth Fowler (QDAF)

Rachel Mann (Plant Health Australia)

Bianca Rodrigues-Jardim (Plant Health Australia)

Evie Kielnhofer (Plant Health Australia)

Harsh Garg (Plant Health Australia)

Andrew Geering (QAAFI, University of Queensland)

Gus McFarlane (NSW DPI)

Cait Selleck (AgVic)

Flavia Bonara (QDAF)

Daniel Huston (CSIRO)

Jeremy Brawner (University of Florida)

Sharon Van Brunschot (CSIRO)

Salome Wilson (ANU)

Shamila Abeynayake (DAFF)

Cathy Todd (SARDI) and Andrew Manners (QDAF)

Merje Toome-Heller (Ministry for Primary Industries, Aotearoa/New Zealand)


ADW 2024 attendees networking

Toni Chapman (NSW DPI) and Sam Cain Axelsen (NIWG)

Mignon De Jager (QAAFI, University of Queensland)

John Roberts (CSIRO)