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Citrus Australia is hosting Professor Neil McRoberts from the University of California in Mildura 27- 28 November, 2023. Prof McRoberts is giving an online presentation on the status of ACP and HLB in California, and how his research has supported ongoing containment, eradication and surveillance efforts.

Prof McRoberts is Professor of Plant Pathology at UC Davis, Director of the Western Plant Diagnostic Network. Prof McRoberts studies the interaction between plant diseases and the other components of agricultural and natural plant communities. He is particularly interested in the emergence of robust statistical properties at different scales in agriculture and the feedback between human decision making and management actions and other features of system dynamics.

In this presentation, Prof McRoberts will discuss:

  • the current California ACP/HLB situation
  • how modelling has informed surveillance resourcing, state zoning and intra-state risk mitigation activities
  • the operational challenges to model driven surveillance/issues
  • the justification and thinking behind a transition to state zoning
  • nuancing of policy relating to mitigation activities between zones, and how risk modelling facilitated this decision making.

This information session will be useful to biosecurity researchers, policy makers, emergency management staff, industry biosecurity officers, and surveillance staff.  Please email if you have any questions.

Date: Monday 27th
November 2023
Time: 3pm-4pm AEDT

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