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NPBDN members interested to attend the Nanopore Sequencing workshop for Biosecurity are asked to contact the Networks Coordinator on email:

Nanopore sequencing has revolutionised sequencing for biosecurity due to its portability, small footprint, and minimal capital investment. It can be used to reconstruct full genomes, detect pathogens in complex samples, and trace pathogen evolution in real time as highlighted by the tremendous work on Sars-Cov2 during the pandemic. Nanopore sequencing also has important applications in agriculture and food security such as crop pathogen and agrochemical resistance detection. To fully exploit the potential of Nanopore sequencing and to modernise Australian biosecurity we need to build capacity and proficiency for end-users with hands-on workshops in sequencing and data analysis.

This biosecurity focused workshop aims to contribute to capacity building and establish a Nanopore community of practice focusing on biosecurity and eDNA.

For more information visit: Nanopore Sequencing for Biosecurity – CCDM