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On 23rd November 2022, the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network (NPBDN) held a member webinar explaining how National Diagnostic Protocols are developed and how they are used to improve Australia’s ability to identify plant biosecurity threats.

With 91 attendees, and a diverse range of speakers the webinar improved knowledge of these resources.

Webinar speakers and topics discussed included:

  • Lucy Tran-Nguyen – National Manager at PHA: National Diagnostic Protocols Overview
  • Toni Chapman – Research Scientist at NSW DPI: Xylella and Citrus Canker NDP
  • David Lovelock -Research Scientist at Ag Vic: Grapevine red blotch virus NDP
  • Elisse Nogarotto -Research Scientist at Ag Vic: Xanthomonas fragariae NDP
  • Sam Hair – Laboratory Scientist at DPIRD: Khapra Beetle NDP
  • Oonagh Byrne – Entomologist at DPIRD: Khapra Beetle NDP
  • Monica Kehoe – Research Scientist at DPIRD: Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum NDP in surveillance activities in WA

 Comments and questions at the Panel Q&A session included:

  • Requirement for protocols being verified and validated before including in an NDP.
  • Appreciation for the collaborative team, time, and effort it took to develop the NDP 45 for Khapra beetle.
  • How to participate in proficiency testing and verification process of an NDP.

We appreciate all the speakers and participants for an engaging and insightful NDP discussion.

To view webinar presentations, log into NPBDN Portal: