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Plant Health Australia (PHA) are undertaking an Australian Plant Pest Database (APPD) user experience survey which includes six quick questions to help PHA understand why people are accessing the APPD and the ease of which they can perform their intended tasks. The implementation of this survey will ensure our stakeholders and users play active roles in the development of the APPD system and to guide PHA to better support their requirements. PHA will present the findings of this survey to the APPD Steering Committee once available.

APPD provides rapid access to over 1.4 million records of vouchered specimens held in Australian reference collections. It is an important tool used to inform decision making processes during plant pest incursions, biosecurity import risk assessments, market access, and to enhance Australia’s diagnostic capability.

Following on from the National Biosecurity Committee agreement (NBC37; September 2022) to support the APPD for five years under a national cost-shared model, PHA are committed to ensuring the APPD continues to provide access to vouchered specimens and remains a critical resource to support diagnostics, risk analysis and biosecurity into the future.

The user experience survey will be open from Friday 4 August 2023 to Monday 28 August 2023, and we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas.

A direct link to the survey can be accessed here: