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La Trobe University is currently offering three 2023 PhD opportunities to work on the following projects based at Agribio, Melbourne, Australia:

  1. Grains Biosecurity Bioinformatics – developing new laboratory and data analysis approaches that leverage cutting-edge advancements in High Throughput Sequencing, genomics, image analysis, and machine learning.
  2. Genomics of Botrytis spp. – developing and applying genomics resources, to enable diagnostics and biosurveillance capabilities for these fungal pathogens.
  3. Agaricus mushrooms – focusing on viruses associated with Agaricus mushrooms in Australia and aiming to provide the mushroom industry and growers an understanding of both local and exotic disease threats.

Applications will be accepted until filled.

For more information download the following documents:

AgVic PhD Flyer_Grains Biosecurity Bioinformatics

AgVic PhD Flyer_Genomics of Botrytis spp

AgVic PhD Flyer_ Agaricus mushrooms