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Our Biosecurity Collections network is made up of 18 collections around Australia holding millions of specimens collected over 100+ years, from Australia and overseas, to create a comprehensive data set of endemic pests and diseases of Australia and exotic threats.

These collections contain physical scientific specimens. These are stored pinned, slide mounted, pressed and dried, preserved in alcohol, and as living cultures. The physical specimens are reference points through space and time that can be studied for changes in distribution, host range and molecular changes.

Specimens are crucial in the development of diagnostic assays and as positive control material, for education and training, and they are foundational to taxonomy and species discovery and as evidence of research outcomes.

All specimens require ongoing care to maintain specimen integrity and ensure accessibility to specimens and their data.

Collection data is core to these specimens, locality, date and host information gives vital context for biosecurity and research. Our data informs biosecurity actions and decisions, by providing verifiable records of pest and disease occurrence. These records support trade and market access and are vital for Australian exporters and ensure that risk analyses of imports are valid.

Our collections are accessed by a broad network of scientists and decision makers including state and federal government, research institutes, industry groups, private enterprises, health and community.

It is vital that our collections are relevant, accurate and accessible and to ensure their longevity we must continue to invest in their maintenance and enhancement.

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